Short Story Contest

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Short Story Contest

This year’s Short Story Contest will begin on February 1, 2021, but students are encouraged to start planning and drafting their stories as soon as possible! Read on to learn about this year’s topics and other important information.


Your story must address the topic of your division, but be creative! There are many ways to approach each topic. Here are the topics for 2021:

Note: Your division is based on your grade in school, not the AoPS Academy classes you're in. For example, if you are in 5th grade at school but you are taking 6th Grade Language Arts at AoPS Academy, you would compete in the lower division.

Dates and Guidelines

The contest will be open February 1 – March 20, 2021. Students will be able to submit their stories on this page once the contest is open.

Students must be currently enrolled in a math or language arts class to be eligible for the contest. To be considered for the contest, your story must:

* Please keep in mind that this contest is open to students from elementary to high school. While no story will be disqualified on the basis of content, winning stories dealing with topics not suitable for younger readers may not be shared with the wider AoPS Academy community.


Winners in each division (lower-grade and upper-grade) will be awarded Amazon gift cards in the amounts shown below:

Prizes will be awarded after the conclusion of the contest.

Grand-prize winners will participate in a mentor meeting with their campus language arts director. During this meeting, the campus director will offer feedback on the story. If the grand-prize winners implement the feedback, their story will be featured on a Student Author Page on the Academy website.

Writer's Checklist

Here is a list of helpful questions to ask yourself as you work on your story:

Still need help? The best way to learn about writing is by reading! Crack open your favorite book and look at how the author creates their story.

Submit a Story

Check back here once the contest is open to submit a story!

Once the contest is open, students will be able to submit their stories on this page. Note that students must be logged in with their own accounts (not their parents' accounts) to submit a story.

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