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Science Level 3

Academic Year Science

Students will explore topics in earth science, physical science, and life science, using problem solving and a hands-on approach. They will be encouraged to ask questions about the world around them and will learn about scientific tools and processes which can help answer these questions. Classes will include lab activities, demonstrations, and games, which will give students direct experience with the real life phenomena being studied.

Science literacy is an important skill for thriving in today’s world. Having a solid foundational understanding of the workings of the physical world helps students make good decisions and prepares them for future learning. Our AoPS-style approach to science focuses on gaining a deep understanding of science, rather than memorizing facts. Students will learn to ask thoughtful questions, to investigate those questions, and to evaluate their own data from investigations. In this class, students will learn to think creatively about scientific problems, to apply their skills to new problems and new situations, and to use their curiosity productively in the future.

Homework and exams

Students should expect to spend 1-3 hours on homework every week. Homework will be assigned and completed through the class website, where students receive immediate feedback on their work. Students will take four in-class exams throughout the course.


Students will be given a new textbook twice a year. Textbooks for the class are Beast Academy Science 3A and 3B.

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